From: Duane Wessels <wessels@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 18:12:29 -0600


Changes to Squid-2.0 (September 25, 1998):

        - Added NAT/Transparent hijacking code from Quinton Dolan.
        - Added actual filesystem usage to cachemgr 'storedir' page.
          Only works for operating systems which support statvfs().
        - Fixed HTCP compile-time bugs.
        - Fixed quick_abort bugs. Configured values are stored as
          Kbytes, not bytes.
        - Removed fwdAbortFetch(). It breaks quick_abort and seems
          mostly useless.
        - Changed storeDirSelectSwapDir() to skip swap directories
          when their utilization is over the high water mark ratio.
        - Fixed off-by-one bug for dead neighbor detection (Joe Ramey).
        - fixed bugs in Content-Range header generation
        - changed the way Range requests are handled:
                - do not "advertise" our ability to process ranges at
                - on hits, handle simple ranges and forward complex
                - on misses, fetch the whole document for simple ranges
                  and forward range request for complex ranges
          The change is supposed to decrease the number of cases when
          clients such as Adobe acrobat reader get confused when we
          send a "200" response instead of "206" (because we cannot
          handle complex ranges, even for hits) Note: Support for
          complex ranges requires storage of partial objects.
        - Removed SNMP mib-2.system group from squid.
        - Removed SNMP ability to iterate through ipcache and friends.
        - Added SNMP ipcache/fqdncache basic statistics.
        - Converted SQUID-MIB to SMIv2 (RFC 1902).
        - Moved SQUID-MIB to enterprises section of the tree in preparation
          of the split into PROXY-MIB & SQUID-MIB.
        - Corrected minor errors in SQUID-MIB.
        - Moved uptime into cacheSystem from cacheConfig.
        - Corrected a number of get-next-request bugs, snmpwalk should now
          return all objects and not skip some.
        - Fixed netdbClosestParent() so it won't return sibling

Duane W.
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