From: Robert Collins <robert.collins@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2001 00:07:51 +1000

I've put the headers into a different stream as discussed. None of the
filter code itself is significantly different, I've duplicated functions
where changes will need to occur when headers are structs rather than
buffers. However I haven't attempted to alter those functions - ie there
are still tests for flags & FILTER_HEADER which will go away eventually

Some of the optional modules I just reused the exist function for
headers as the prototype is currently identical. This will break when
the header type changes, but you will get a compile failure so thats ok

Just a note: the TE code is in here. all the TE modules (other than
chunked) are in te_modules CVS branch which I haven't updated (yet).

Also if you wait a few minutes I'll merge HEAD to generic_modules, and
then that to rbcollins_filters to bring everything up to date.

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