Re: assertion failed: store_dir_diskd.c:839: "rb->flags.need_to_validate"

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2001 20:03:16 +0200

Andres Kroonmaa wrote:
> More bits.
> I've noticed that sometimes swap.state is too large, say 3 times larger
> than expected. I suspect that Squid is in some conditions appending to
> swap.state instead of writing out clean and then rename.

In my testing of HEAD I have noticed that the log is not properly
cleaned on startup.. cache.log says it is, but still seems to be using
the same log (or a duplicate thereof). Noticed this when I had a couple
of thousand "replaced" entries for a single object in the cache (was
about 3 object total), and swap.state was quite large all the time.

Have not had time to look closer at it yet, but it should be quite easy
to diagnose.

Store used: plain old ufs.

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