Content Filtering in Squid

From: LC74 <>
Date: Wed Jul 11 15:33:41 2001

Hi there!

I need a personal web filtering proxy for several reasons including
privacy and security. I hate web bugs and I'm happy to avoid
advertisements whenever I can ;-)

I tried several existing proxies (e.g. Muffin, WebFilter, JunkBusters...)
but none of them did what I wanted. I then found some nice filter
modules for squid (which I think is the correct approach) at
However, this project seems dead: no development since one year and no
reply from the author.

I now wrote my own patch to squid and I happily use it. My questions
 - are there other people interested in adding filtering capabilities
   to squid?
 - is there any hope to have this kind of thing accepted in the main
   squid sources?

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