Re: squid developer acct

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2001 12:29:46 +0100

Welcome back to Squid development!

You have now been given access to and it's CVS
repository, and are free to join whichever development branch you like,
or start a new one if needed. To finalize the CVS access if you haven't
used the SourceForge CVS service before you may need to SSH
interactively once to

For usage instructions and rules specific to Squid, see the following

Rules <>
CVS repository & tools <>

To know the existing projects and their branch names, please see the
folowing page:

Projects hosted here <>

It is the intention that the CVS tools should work fine using the Cygwin
shell and perl.

If you have any problems or ideas on improvements with the services, the provided tools, or Squid
development, please bring the issue to attention in the squid-devel
discussion forum.

As Guido said, Squid-NT development have progressed a bit since your
port. Please use the squid-dev discussion forum to coordinate your

Henrik Nordström

Romeo Anghelache wrote:
> hello there, my name is Romeo Anghelache, I ported squid (2.1, 2.3) to
> native NT and I'd like to keep it in sync from time to time with the
> latest modifications in the main trunk of code; maybe add some more NT
> nativity while keeping the functionality and portability there; and
> who knows, maybe even more if I get to understand it better.
> I need access to the squidNT development branch cvs account, or so.
> My sourceforge acct name is r0meo.
> thks,
> romeo
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