Re: Squid NTLM Authentication

From: Robert Collins <>
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 15:20:34 +1100

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From: "Guido Serassio" <>

> Hi Robert,
> I'm analyzing the NTLMSSP helper for write a native Cygwin NTLM
helper, and
> I have some questions:
> - It seems that is not possible to use NTLM and basic authentication
> together, for example, Netscape browsers runs in basic mode, while
> Explorer runs in NTLM mode, it is true ?

You can run both NTLM and basic together, but any individual browser
will only use one of them.

RFC 2617 specifies that a browser should choose the most secure scheme
offered it, but MSIE is broken and needs NTLM first - I reported this to
MS who laughed.

> - I'm in difficulty when identifying what WIN32 API to use instead of
> samba functions. Do You have same docs on NTLM challenge/response
> and related functions ? On my MSDN I can find only some little hints.

The GSSAPI functions are what you will need. I'm not sure which ones.

> - I think that can be very useful add a membership NT Group check to
> new authenticator, what is Your opinion about ?

See the external_acl project on - it's designed to
support such checks. (You pass an external helper the username and
allowed group(s), and it then tests for membership - the result of which
gets cached in squid along with the user credentials.

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