Re: [PATCH] no_append_domain_localhost.patch

From: Miquel van Smoorenburg <>
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 12:34:42 +0100

According to Henrik Nordstrom:
> Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:
> > Ignore append_domain setting for the string "localhost".
> Why?

So you can browse http://localhost/ through a browser.

Strange as it may seem, many people run squid on their personal
workstation because it's caching is much more efficient than the
mozilla/netscape builtin cache, and memory is cheap these days.
I do - it really makes a difference behind a 64kbit ISDN line.

And if you have append_domain set http://localhost/
doesn't work anymore.

> Anyway, my general opinion is that append_domain should be completely
> ripped out, replaced by a proper DNS search algorithm returning a
> browser redirect when a FQDN is found for the requested name.

I agree, it's just that this has been in the Debian squid package
for some time since somebody had a real-life situation in which
this was a problem.

If you think it doesn't belong in squid I'll just keep it
as a debian-specific patch until the above gets implemented in
squid 2.6 or so ;)


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