Re: MD5 hash query

From: Joe Cooper <>
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2001 05:37:58 -0600

I see...I'm definitely missing the Method->enum conversion. So will try
that. Should that be octal or does it matter? METHOD_GET is shown as
001 in enums.h, but I thought an enum as defined there would put it
simply at 1. I'll just try it. ;-)

I was looking at're looking at storeKeyPrivate.
Should I be looking at Private? If so, it looks like Squid can also
pass "JUNK" as the ID under some circumstances...I'm not sure I can find
out those circumstances from the store.log. But I thought a private
object was not going to be served as a hit, and wouldn't remain in the
cache, or am I misunderstanding the terminology in this part of the code?

So am I SOL (out of luck) on getting a Perl script generated MD5 to
match up with what Squid is spitting out?

Thanks Robert for the quick reply and helpful pointers. Will get back
shortly with results.

Robert Collins wrote:

> from a quick eyeball, you need to feed id, method (An ENUM value) and
> then the URL.
> ===
> (unsigned char *) &id, sizeof(id));
> (unsigned char *) &method, sizeof(method));
> (unsigned char *) url, strlen(url));
> ===
> So there are unique for a given version of squid (id and method will
> change), and potentially even for different C compilers or platforms.
> Rob

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