Re: includes inside squid.conf

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2002 03:19:01 +0200

On Tuesday 02 April 2002 01:39, Alex Rousskov wrote:

> A simpler way is to NOT have optional includes.

And even simpler is not to have includes at all, and refer to a god
pre-processor if one wants includes..

If we are to have includes in Squid then there should only be very
rudimentary include support. If more advanced "include" support is
needed then one SHOULD use a good pre-processor having all the fancy
bells and whistles needed for the purpose, including a zillion
different tests, math, looping constructs to automate repetitive
sections, etc.

What I do in my squid.conf template is something like the following:

  foreach cachedrive
    If not mounted, I try to mount it.
    If still not mounted, newfs the drive and try again
    If mounted
       cache_dir ${cachedrive.path} ${cachedrive.size} \
                 aufs ${cachedrive.L1} ${cachedrive.L2}

I don't think it is not realistic to think that the Squid
conifiguration parser even should attempt to have any capabilities
approaching this, but quite many suitable "pre-processors" do and
many should.

After careful consideration I think I will withdraw my support for
include files outside what we already have. As Alex pointed out, if
we start to embark on this path we do not know where we will end up,
and as there already exists very good tools for the job I see no
reason why to implement yet another one. Better to spend some small
amount of time to document how to use any of the existing
pre-processors such as m4 for the job.

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