Re: Squid-2.6 merge fest

From: Adrian Chadd <>
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 06:51:53 -0700

On Thu, Apr 04, 2002, Henrik Nordstrom wrote:

> I am talking about what we have changed in HEAD now, not where we ideally
> want to end up..
> The only change I can see in HEAD on the store API so far is that
> storeClientCopy now only one one offset argument with slightly different
> semantics from before. I don't really see anything in this change which would
> prevent the old range processing code from working.

Oh, I get it. Yes. The API may take an offset, but it has to start at
0, and it has to be continually and unbrokenly increasing.
I'm enforcing the latter, and I'm hoping the former is done (or you won't
parse the headers, right? :)

The offset is only there as a "check" to make sure the rest of the store
client api users requrest data sequentially - and you'd be surprised how
many strange places that wasn't true.

Eventually it will disappear. Instead, when you go storeLookup() you'll
ask for a specific range of data (or -1, -1 for everything I guess)
to grab the range data.

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