Re: what means Cache-off?

From: Joe Cooper <>
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 00:24:47 -0500

To answer both your bake-off and cache-off question, since they both
have the same meaning (I'll leave it to Alex or Duane to explain why the
name was changed from bake-off to cache-off, it's a funny story, so I
won't steal it):

Cache-off is a performance comparison of a number of web caching
proxies. Specifically, it is a ~yearly event that Duane and Alex (i.e.
The Measurement Factory) hold wherein the heavyweights and some of the
lightweights in the caching industry show up and compare their systems
and software on a level playing field. Polygraph is the software used
for this evaluation, and Squid is often present as one of the tested

The use of the word 'off' in this context is probably just one of those
weird English-isms--it has been in use for years since at least the
'Bakeoffs' held by Betty Crocker in the context of cooking (I'm pretty
sure it pre-dates that usage by many years). It has come to mean a race
or a competition. I suppose it hints at separating the chafe from the
wheat..shaking it off, so to speak. Who knows? It probably has some
sensible reasoning behind it somewhere in the annals of time. wrote:
> Hi, pals!
> I often see this word "Cache-off" in the documents. I think Cache-off means testing
> the efficiency of Squid cache. Am I correct?
> Why use the word "off" here?
> Best regards,
> George, Ma

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