Re: Some DNS Problems - ICONS not shown

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 22:55:46 +0200

Georg Wild wrote:
> I did --disable-internal-dns after I noticed this of dns! This works!
> I don't exactly know when this with dns not working starts! I had before
> another -working- cvs version running, but can't exactly say how old it
> was! In the meantime I've updated bind to the last I think 9.2 version;
> maybe this could be somehow connected!

I do not know if the problem is caused by the late changes in Squid, or
if it is just a coincidence.

I don't think it is related to your upgrade of bind. I am using 8.2.3 in
my test system here at home and it easily reproduces the problem.

If you have the time it would be helpful if you could try if the problem
exists in older Squid versions such as 2.4.STABLE3 or earlier but I will
concentrate on fixing it in the current verson, and then look at the
older versions if needed.

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