Re: Hi there

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 20:55:27 +0200

Yee Man Chan wrote:

> I am not that ambitious I guess. I don't think I
> will work on anything wrt FS in the near future.
> Content Processing will depend on what Rob plans to
> do. As to HTTP/1.1 Compliance, is this
> the lastest status? What version of squid should I
> work on? I think I can work on some of those "not
> done" stuff.

We are best helped if you work on the stuff you are interested in.

It is best if all development are done based on the current HEAD
version, preferably using the facilities. See the
CVS Repository information and the Rules pages there for an introduction
on how we work with Squid development these days. The model has proven
to be very effective with a low error rate.

Hmm.. perhaps we should try to keep a todo list again so people easier
can see what needs to get some attention. The old todo list hasn't been
updated since 98 I think.. Problem with todo lists is that someone needs
to maintain them...

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