Open bugs to consider for 2.5

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2002 17:35:56 +0200
attempts to establish connection look like syn flood attack
[this is due to our aggressive reopening of the connection on failure]
basic scheme authentication helpers dont' allow the space character
[we need to decide if we should fix this and how, or just accept the
assertion failed: http.c:869: "-1 == cfd || FD_SOCKET ==
assertion failed: store_client.c when cache is full
delay pools don't work with connection orientated auth
[investigate the correctness of the patch]
Large responses may overflow some 32-bit counters on some systems
[patched in HEAD. Needs to be verified and then backported to 2.5]
If there is active connections on reconfigure then these is no longer
delayed by their delaypools.
Should use connected UDP sockets for DNS lookups
Restart helpers if they die
assertion failed: forward.c:84: "fwdState->err", shortly after a
parent went down.
comm_quick_poll_required never called with diskd
[investigate and apply patch]
Minor mismatch in Range forwarding
To work around buggy servers we need to reopen the FTP data
connection on errors.
Problems with IE browsers and persistent connections

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