Re: sed: 33: conftest.s1: unescaped newline inside substitute pattern

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 10:12:21 +0200

Duane Wessels wrote:

> Here's the line from configure that sets $am_aux_dir:
> am_aux_dir=`CDPATH=:; cd $ac_aux_dir && pwd`
> The problem appears to be that 'cd' is printing the long version
> of the directory because it found it in the CDPATH list (":" being
> interpreted as the current directory).
> I found two ways to fix this:
> am_aux_dir=`unset CDPATH; cd $ac_aux_dir && pwd`
> am_aux_dir=`CDPATH=:; cd ./$ac_aux_dir && pwd`

Ah, now I know why I cannot reproduce the problem. I always build in an
object tree separate from the source.

The second approach cannot be used. $ac_aux_dir is outside the current
directory when building in a separate object tree.

Robert: Can you verify with the Automake people if changing from
"CDPATH=:" to "unset CDPATH" is OK?

And perphaps this should be reported as a bug to Apple and to the zsh
maintainers.. the manpage clearly states that the shell only echos the
new path found via cdpath in interactive shells, and the above is not an
interactive shell invocation...

       cd [ directory ]
              mat of CDPATH is the same as that of PATH. In an
              interactive shell, the cd command will print out
              the name of the directory that it actually switched
              to if this is different from the name that the user
              gave. These may be different either because the
              CDPATH mechanism was used or because a symbolic
              link was crossed.

The bug is confirmed in zsh version 3.0.7 (RedHat 6.2), 3.0.8 (MAC
OS/X), 4.0.2 (RedHat 7.2), but is only a problem for us if /bin/sh is a
zsh (OS/X)

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