Re: Puzzled at storeSetPrivateKey. :-(

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 22:03:51 +0200 wrote:

> if (e->hash.key) {
> if (e->swap_filen > -1)
> storeDirSwapLog(e, SWAP_LOG_DEL);
> storeHashDelete(e);
> }
> I think when e->swap_filen > -1 is true, it means that the
> object or a part of the object is on disk. storeDirSwapLog is
> used to write the log file.

This piece of code deals with the ondisk store index log. If the object
hasn't been stored on disk then it do not belong in the ondisk store index

> So I think the log file of Squid does not log pure memory
> manipulation of a cached object. For example, deleting an object
> (wholly in memory) from hash table will not be logged. :-)

It does log these in store.log (see store_log.c), but not in the on-disk
cache index (cache_dir_name/swap.state).

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