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From: Geetha Manjunath <>
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2002 09:38:14 +0530

I noticed that none had replied to you so far, hence this reply. I am not
an expert in squid development. I request others to add on more info...

Yes, content scanning had been made much easier now in squid. I beleive
there are two kinds of approaches right now.
(a) Use Robert Collins's Content Processing CVS branch for a data
inspection framework. . More info about this at
(b) Use the ICAP framework for content adaptation. We have recently(last
week) branched out of squid HEAD with name "icap". ICAP is internet
content adaptation framework. Squid with this support enabled would send
all requests(in reqmod) or all responses (respmod) to an external server
(ICAP server) who can modify the request/response. More info about this at

Please see which of these branches you could use...


Kurt Huwig wrote:

> Hello!
> I made a virus scanning patch for Squid some months ago. Now I want to
> clean up the patch and make it for the latest version. I read something
> about some new code that makes content scanning easier. Any hints if
> this is true and which version of Squid I should use?
> Greetings,
> Kurt
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