What to know detail about why Squid use single process.

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>>>>> "maer727" == maer727 <maer727@sohu.com> writes:

    maer727> Hi, pals! I read from Programming Guide that Squid is a
    maer727> single process application. I also learn the shortcoming
    maer727> of multi-process (multi-thread). Here is what the
    maer727> Programming Guide says,

    maer727> //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    maer727> Squid does not use a ``threads package'' such has
    maer727> Pthreads. While this might be easier to code, it suffers
    maer727> from portability and performance problems. Instead Squid
    maer727> maintains data structures and state information for each
    maer727> active request.
    maer727> //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

I am not really a pthread expert (but knows it a bit) but I'll guess
that the single-thread decision was made long time ago. It could be
the case that if an opensource HTTP cache solution was started today,
it would make very different decisions on multi-threading -and even on
the choice of the programming language. In particular, Posix
(including Posix threads) seems a much broader system specification
today than ten years ago (with the huge exception of Microsoft systems
which I do not really know).

The mono-thread decision is very heavy constraining, and nearly
requires the callback (I would even name it "dumb continuation passing")
programming style.

But I am not really a Squid expert.

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