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Thanks, Basile pal!

What means "somehow informally continuation based"?

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George Ma

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> >>>>> "George" == maer727 <> writes:
> George> Thanks, Basile pal! Why you say mono-thread decision is
> George> very heavy constraining, can you give me a more detailed
> George> description? Or, if it is boring and wasting time, can you
> George> introduce me some articles about the topic?
> Read the sources and the programmer's guide for details.
> Squid make a systematic use of callbacks {For historical?
> reasons, Squid does not use any multi-threading, like the
> pthread_* calls of Posix threads}. This implies that most of Squid
> input or output is not done directly thru a normal blocking i/o
> syscall, but instead registers a callback, which will be later called
> when i/o is possible (e.g. read data is available on a file
> descriptor). The systematic use of callbacks entails a very different
> programming style (somehow informally continuation based).
> See the use of eventAdd and commSetSelect in the code.
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