Re: radix.c ; struct _storeIOState.mode

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 16:36:07 +0200

Evgeny Kotsuba wrote:

> 1.)
> CVS\squid\lib\radix.c

> Should be changed to
> static char *addmask_key =NULL;
> [...]
> static char *rn_zeros = NULL, *rn_ones = NULL;
> My compiler and possibly some others with full opt on doens't place
> zeros to uninitialised variables

Are you sure on this? These variables have file scope, not local scope. But I
do seem to remember that in the old days before virtual memory there was
memory management systems not initializing uninitialized globals to zero..

> 2.)
> It seems that member mode of struct _storeIOState from struct.h is not
> used anywhere if we use ufs cache, so for memory economy may be it is
> worth to
> use some kind of #ifdef ?

Not worth the effort I think, and the ufs store might later want to make use
of the mode flag.

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