Is this a bug in fs/ufs/store_dir_ufs.c?

From: Yee Man Chan <>
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 17:55:06 -0700 (PDT)

Hi, folks,

   I am reading this part of code in 2.4S6. I find
something that might be a bug. The file is
fs/ufs/store_dir_ufs.c. The function is question is
storeUfsRebuildFromSwapLog. It seems to me the first
line inside the if should be e->lastref = s.lastref
and the line regarding refcount should be e->refcount
= s.refcount. I checked HEAD also and it has the same
thing, too. Can anyone tell me whether this is a bug
or not? If not, can anyone clarify this for me?

Yee Man

The code in question:
            /* swapfile taken, same URL, newer, update
meta */
            if (e->store_status == STORE_OK) {
                e->lastref = s.timestamp;
                e->timestamp = s.timestamp;
                e->expires = s.expires;
                e->lastmod = s.lastmod;
                e->flags = s.flags;
                e->refcount += s.refcount;
                storeUfsDirUnrefObj(SD, e);
            } else {

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