AW: CVS-iCAP 2.5 Branch

From: Christian Kunst <>
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2003 13:31:49 +0100

Thanks! It worked now...

I will study the code and the documentation for a few days, and then, for shure, I will ask some



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ons 2003-06-04 klockan 12.48 skrev Christian Kunst:

> cvs co -r icap-2_5 -kk -d squid-icap-2_5 squid3

The icap-2.5 branch is a Squid-2.5 branch and lives in the CVS module
"squid". The documentation only shows an example how to check out a
Squid-3.X branch as all new developments should be in Squid-3..

To check out the icap-2_5 branch you can use:

  cvs co -r icap-2_5 -kk -d squid-icap-2.5 squid

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