Re: HEADSUP - gcc 3.3 snapshots

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 21:57:16 +0200

On Wednesday 18 June 2003 14.49, Robert Collins wrote:
> gcc/g++ 3.3 snapshots seem to be producing nasty code - XFree86 for
> instance on debian has had various incorrect code generation
> problems. As the regression suite isn't catching them.... we may
> see more internal-dns style optimiser issues soon :[..

GCC-3.3 barfs on Squid-2.5...

lib/radix.c: In function `squid_rn_init':
lib/radix.c:984: warning: dereferencing type-punned pointer will break
strict-aliasing rules

lib/rfc1738.c: In function `rfc1738_do_escape':
lib/rfc1738.c:132: warning: comparison is always true due to limited
range of data type

and several other warnings.

Have not tried Squid-3 yet.

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