Re: Fwd: Squid ICAP client problems

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: 23 Jun 2003 14:54:11 +0200

mån 2003-06-23 klockan 14.17 skrev Geetha Manjunath:

> Yes, you are right here - but this case would probably show up only with
> buggy ICAP servers that do not end ICAP headers with \r\n\r\n . The rest
> of code catches this error. Actually it signals an HTTP internal error
> rather than the suggested "did not find a proper ICAP response". We
> probably should add a separate error code for this.

I would say it should happens pretty much any ICAP reply where the
headers is larger than one IP packet MTU, even if the ICAP server tries
it's best to send the headers in one packet.

I had fogot about this issue. I'll note this issue so it is not
forgotten again. Needs to be fixed to not use MSG_PEEK so it can wait
for more data to arrive via commSetSelect(), which involves some magic
to get the interactions with the main Squid code correct.

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