Re: How to force Squid not to Store Certain HTTP Objects

From: atit jariwala <>
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2003 14:27:01 +0530

Hello Henrik,
 I think U have misunderstand my question. I am repeating it again,
Taking example,
My squid got request for Now cache will fetch requested object from & servse that to clients. It also stores some of HTTP objects from based on Cache-Control Directives. What i want is, Squid simply
serves the requested object from & then purge that objects from
Memory immediately & also not make any attemt to store that objects to disk.
Reply HTTP Headers from are of no concern to me. I want to make all
objects as stale , after serving to cache-clients. How can i do it.How to
force squid to do it.?
Thanks in Advance
Waiting for Reply,
Atit Jariwala

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> For this you need to modify the source to selectively ignore any
> no-cache etc headers.
> This seems to already be prepared to a large extent via the
> ignoreCacheControl HttpStateData flag.
> Regards
> Henrik
> On Friday 05 September 2003 09.38, atit jariwala wrote:
> > I am using Squid 2.5 STable2 on Redhat Linux.
> > I want squid not to store(forcefully) certain Objects downloaded
> > via Internet. This Objects might or might not contains NO-CACHE
> > headers. But when it comes to Squid, I want Squid simply serves
> > that to associated Client. and then not Store it in Disk & also
> > Purge it immediately from Memory. How can i Do it. ?
> > Waiting for Reply,
> > --- Atit Jariwala
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