Re: Compile Error

From: WA Support <>
Date: Wed, 01 Oct 2003 10:25:51 -0700

Robert Collins wrote:
> > Am I asking to much of squid to be able to use mysql queries, or is it
> > just that I am too inexperienced to figure this out? All I want to do
> > in is check to see if a certain field called override_status
> > in a mysql record is ON or OFF.
> Ah. Your best bet is to do this externally to squid. Write your query as
> an external_acl (squid 2.5 or above required). Use redirect_access in
> squid.conf to test for the results of your query.

> External helpers though, can be somewhat looser on memory as they have
> only their own resources to worry about, and can block and use
> synchronous IO code.
> IIRC external helpers are documented mainly in the squid.conf.default,
> and also in the FAQ. There are example external helpers in
> /helpers/external.

Thanks for the nudge from the path I was taking. I will look into
'helpers' and 'external_acl.'

If I do get the client portion of mysql to compile in with squid, I will
post the results.

One other question:

In theconfigure script for your libTrie module, you have the
'--disable-inline.' What exactly does this mean? I read the
description, but I am not sure what working inline with squid means.

Seriously thanks for all your help!
Murrah Boswell
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