HTCP support for CLR operation in squid

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Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 09:35:52 +0200


i have a requirement for the current HTCP implementation within squid to
support the HTCP CLR operation. unfortunately this is not currently
implemented. i added some lines of code to fix this.

i would like to provide this code to you such that this might be included
in future patches/releases.

find attached an earlier mail i addressed to duane, to which i never got an

thanks for your help.

felix meschberger
day software, r&d

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as i see the squid proxy cache supports the htcp protocol. unfortunately
support is incomplete. what we need is the CLR operation.

the issue is, that we put squid in front of our cms system (Day Software's
Communiqué 3.5, see this system is written in java and has an
internal cache for dynamically generated resources. whenever content
changes the internal cache is notified to invalidate cache cells.

the idea we have is, that this internal cache could also notify the squid
proxy by way of the htcp CLR operation.

after some tweaking with the code, i managed adding basic support for that
CLR operation. i wonder whether you would be interested in this addition
and how to incorporate this into the source tree, such, that this support
is readily available.

thanks for any response.

regards, f.

ps: i attach a context diff of my changes.
(See attached file: htcp.c.diff)

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