Re: Major pending change in 2.5 for multi-gigabyte file support

From: Luigi Gangitano <>
Date: Sat, 02 Apr 2005 13:34:05 +0200

Hi Henrik,

> Now committed to 2.5 as there was no objections, and I consider this a
> major flaw of Squid.

Thanks for fixing this, I added it to the last debian packages reverting
my old patch for >2GB support.

Apparently the aufs+2GB patches caused some problems with diskd, can you
please take a look at

which reports failure with

  assertion failed: stmem.c:93: "current_offset == target_offset"

and a dirty cache restart.

The packages is plain 2.5.STABLE9 with these patches:


There's also a small typo in the changelog for the 2GB patch. The actual
option that enables largefiles support is --with-large-files instead of


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