From: Baumgaertel Oliver <>
Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2005 14:45:13 +0200

Hello all.
I've recently started working for Siemens Erlangen/Germany and I am part of
the administration team managing our Squid proxy farms. As the teams sole
C/C++ programmer it'll be my responsibility to address code related issues.
That'll be mostly modifying/adding internal patches/features, but I am also
looking into other encountered bugs/problems.That's mainly Squid 2.5 related
of course, but I am supposed to keep track of the future 3.0 version also.
If time allows and in case I see a part I can do something worthwhile, I'll
try to help improve either version.
In case you wonder, I've been working as C/C++ developer for around 20 years
now, started out with pure K&R C and the past 8 years using mostly C++. My
last projects have been mostly web related too, so chance is I might be of
some help.
regards, Oliver Baumgaertel
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