From: Evgeny Kotsuba <>
Date: Sat, 09 Apr 2005 20:21:57 +0400


I see a number of indistinct places with self_destruct in

self_destruct is good thing - now it say where is bad string not
only in my port ;-) but there is still one place

acl.cpp ->void aclParseAclLine(acl ** head)

     case ACL_ENUM_MAX:
- fatal ("Bad ACL type");
+ debug(28, 0) ("ERROR: Bad ACL type");
+ self_destruct();
Well, I see that with using of self_destruct there are Minor or
even Major changes in config file parsing i.e. while earlier it
was possible to work with some errors in config now it leads to
fatal error.
I think that it is right step, but why not to write string to
 ChangeLog ?

What are strings after self_destruct ?
aclParseAclList(acl_list ** head)
        if (a == NULL) {
            debug(28, 0) ("ACL name '%s' not defined!\n", t);
            memFree(L, MEM_ACL_LIST);
aclParseUserMaxIP() has no any additional info on the reason for

+ debug(28, 0) ("ERROR: aclParseUserMaxIP: Malformed ACL\n");

Evgeny Kotsuba
Received on Sat Apr 09 2005 - 10:22:03 MDT

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