Re: Linux filesystem speed comparison

From: Joe Cooper <>
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 21:37:57 -0500

Steven Wilton wrote:
>>Heheh..."only" is a relative term. Our old 500 Mhz boxes
>>couldn't even
>>work two 7200 RPM IDE disks (on different buses, of course)
>>and three provided a barely measurable boost. I'd be
>>surprised if you
>>aren't able to easily max your CPU with ReiserFS on a
>>polygraph run on
>>these boxes...and it will probably happen at around 110 reqs/sec.,
>>assuming reasonable configuration of kernel and Squid.
> We currently get arount 70 reqs/sec using 25% CPU (5 minute average for both
> values) on this hardware. I'm confident that I'll get a pretty high number
> of requests/second through these proxies becase of the epoll patch.

Ah, yes, epoll could very well be an interesting twist...and it might
make the relative filesystem results come out very differently.
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