LFS Browser support

From: Serassio Guido <guido.serassio@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2005 11:51:53 +0200

Hi Henrik,

I'm testing the 2.5 LFS functionality on the Windows port, but I have found
something strange on the Browser side:

It seems that the Mozilla and Internet Explorer doesn't support at all file
bigger than 2 GB.
- On Windows Mozilla reports negative size during file transfer, Internet
Explorer refuses to download files bigger than 2 GB.
- On Linux Mozilla reports file size truncated to 2 GB.

I have tried some Fedora and Mandrake mirrors with identical results:


All test give identical results using Squid with LFS running on both Linux
and Windows or direct Internet connection.

So, is my impression correct ?

What client can be used to test Squid LFS support ?



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