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From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2007 02:41:55 +0100

mån 2007-01-08 klockan 17:12 -0800 skrev foomail123:

> "Cache deny all" in config, does it reduce the image
> footprint ?

No, it only reduces the runtime memory footprint.

> It would have been nice if there were compile
> directives and/or configure directives to disable
> parts
> of functionality in code.

Has never been a focus in the Squid development.

> Is there ways we could optimize code librariries
> or linkage to shrink image footprint ?

Yes, by using an axe and trimming away components or details you don't
need. But it's not easy.

> Yes, I donot need statistics at all.
> Do you have suggestions on ways to axe parts
> of code to disable caching, debug symbols, etc. ?

debug symbols is deleted by the strip command, just as is done on any
other binary.

the other is to disable as many features as possible in configure. You
can disable all authentication, only build the dummy "null" storage etc.
This will cut down a bit.

The statistics is mainly if you also need to reduce the memory usage
while Squid is running. The first step there is to take away the
archived statistics (CountHist in, only keeping the current
counters. Then more analysis of the memory usage is needed to determine
which may be the next target to ax away..

In code I guess you could kill the client_db, ipc, neighbor relations,
swapout, StoreMeta* and a bunch of unneeded ACLs without too much
effort. Should also be quite easy to chop away everything related to
authentication. Then it gets a little tricker.


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