Experimental and incomplete patch: tagging an originserver as dead...and testing if it's alive

From: Lucas Brasilino <lucas.brasilino@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 16:50:17 -0200


I don't know if Squid already has this feature. If so I didn't figure out how.
I'm working in a patch to tag an originserver as 'dead' if there's a connection
refuse or a read_timeout.
fwdServerSetDead() does the trick, called from fwdServerClosed().
 Within fwdStart() I'm calling "syncronously" fwdServerSetAlive() and trying to
loop through peers testing which is dead, to set it alive, after a given time
(which is for while hardcoded as 5 seconds).
My problem is that I'm not be able to loop through peers. All my methods
failed (look the last one, which is commented). Maybe I misunderstood
Any help which is the best way to look around peers?

Lucas Brasilino

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