Re: Dynamic ACL Regex's associated with authenticated user

From: louis gonzales <>
Date: Tue, 06 Feb 2007 00:14:29 -0500

Hello Henrik,
Thank you for the reply. I was able to get so far Squid integrated with
I looked at the helpers that are pre-built with Linux on squid.2-5
stable 9-7 and also thoroughly at the squid.conf.

Is the process to tap into a database for regex's(which are stored in a
database) as easy as using the external_acl to call, for instance a PERL
program which can search the database via DBI, which can check if the
%LOGIN id is permitted or prohibited to get this web content, and send
back the response(OK or ERR), at which point Squid will either
permit/prohibit based on the associated (acl, http_access) pair?

Maybe in the months coming down the road, my friend and I can contribute
to PERL development of some additional 'helper' functions, which can be
shipped/bundled with Squid to allow for database access OOTB?

What kind of commitment does your group look for?

Thanks again for all of your help.

Henrik Nordstrom wrote:

>mån 2007-02-05 klockan 15:09 -0500 skrev louis gonzales:
>>Thank you for quick response. Would you all recommend, for fastest
>>results, to review the source code/API for external helper, or is there
>>a document out there(in the big world) that gives technical details on this?
>The external acl interface to Squid is documented in the comments to the
>external_acl_type directive in squid.conf(.default). It's a simple text
>line based interface on stdin/stdout.
>There is several acl helpers for different purposes shipped with Squid
>in the helpers/external_acl directory if you want to look at an existing
>helper for inspiration. There is also a few other acl helpers around on
>the net.

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