Re: redirect handle reply

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Sun, 04 Mar 2007 17:40:12 +0100

sön 2007-03-04 klockan 20:32 +0530 skrev Siddhesh PaiRaikar:

> in an attempt to modify the code of squid when i modified the code of the
> function redirectHandleReply() in redirect.c .. i see that any change made
> to that function reflects in squid and any printf statement also works
> fine.. i only failed to find a location in the code of squid where that
> function is being called which is sumthing i would like to know. If anyone
> can please tell me how the function redirectHandlereply() works it would be
> of great help.

redirectHandleReply is a callback, called when the response from the
url_rewrite helper is available.

The callback is registered in the redirectStart call, as part of the
arguments to helperSubmit().


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