Re: Dynamic ACL Regex's associated with authenticated user

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2007 22:11:29 +0100

sön 2007-03-04 klockan 19:22 -0500 skrev louis gonzales:

> My question for the Development group:
> Q: If I want to use " external_acl_type eXhelper %LOGIN %{Header}
> /path/to/MY/ "
> How can my PERL program read the contents of %{Header}?

Header in the above is the HTTP header name you want to have sent to the
helper. It's sent as an input field in the query to the helper just as %
LOGIN or the other tags..

I.e. if you specify %LOGIN %{User-Agent}

then the helper will be sent request lines with two fields, the first
field having the authenticated login name, the second field the contents
of the User-Agent HTTP header.

> Sind sie Deutscher?

Nej, jag är svensk.


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