Re: Squid bootstrapping

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2007 10:30:25 +0100

ons 2007-03-07 klockan 14:12 +1300 skrev

> I have in my branch /src/ the two IPAddress.* files that I have created
> for the manager class.

> My main question is what is the next step to get them compiling into squid?
> sub-question of how do the bootstrap and Makefiles' work exactly?

Edit src/ and add the new source files to squid_SOURCES

then run to have the files rebuilt. runs the autotool programs (automake, autoconf, libtool
etc) to build the configure and from the autotool inputs
(, acinclude.m4 and

and finally ./configure.. to configure the source tree or
alternatively ./config.status to only have the Makefile:s rebuilt.


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