RE: A few patches

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 10:10:32 +0100

ons 2007-03-14 klockan 11:45 +0900 skrev Steven:

> Did you have any concerns with the patch that would allow NTLM auth to
> work on transparent requests if pipeline prefetching was enabled?

Hmm.. don't like it.

a) If allowing pipelining then it should be done on the same server
connection. Also I am not sure this (prefetching) works well together
with the tightly coupled connection pinning being done.. Well, I am even
convinced it doesn't as the authentication will be lost pretty much on
every new chain of pipelined request causing plenty of renegotiations.

b) This isn't related to transparent interception. The exact same
situation is seen in normal proxying.

If enabled we should pipeline the requests on the same server
connection, as they were sent to us by the client. But this requires a
bit bigger change in http.c.


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