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From: Adrian Chadd <>
Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2007 14:12:06 +0800

On Thu, Mar 08, 2007, wrote:

> I occurs to me that any kind of KB needs real-life problems and solution,
> must be user-driven, and have some form of unique problem identification.
> It seems to me that we already have a form of this in the squid-users
> mailing list. But that one is very cluttered with non-problem messages and
> with failed solution attempts. So it needs a bit of cleaning.
> What I am thinking of in a rough way is a KB which uses the squid-users
> msg-IDs as the unique ID for a problem (after all the original problem has
> been posted right?), and may in fact use the message itself from the
> archive to describe the problem. Where a solution has been found,
> references to the msg describin the solution could be used.
> (By 'references' I mean either a web link by msg-ID or a PHP include to
> show the archive content, descision to be made by the KB designer).
> Msg can continue to be posted to squid-users as normal, but the KB
> sumbission 'authorization' being to link the posts to the KB. Rather than
> ading an extra submission on part of the users, which is not that likely
> to get used anyway.
> That would leverage an enourmous pile existing problem-solutions and
> provide a framework for seamless and easy future additions. <dream>Might
> even drop the clutter of repeated problem requests</dream>.

Thats not a bad idea - linking mailing list discussions back into KB articles -
but the KB article does need to be a good summary of everything.

Just needs a couple of warm bodies to watch the mailing list, jump on "problem
situations" which crop up and could do with some documentation, and writing
said KB article. I've made a start but we all know what my time availability
is like..

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