Re: Download time issue: Squid 2.6

From: Tsantilas Christos <>
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2007 15:51:53 +0200

Hi Henrik,
 I forgot that the squid-26 moved to a branch. The problem with icap
patch is that it is HEAD based. In sourceforge I can not find any
squid-2.6 branch, to create a squid26 based icap branch.

Does make sense to create the icap-patch as a file and upload it to web
site? I think it is not bad idea to allow people to use it with squid26
if they want it. Which is your advice?

At this time I do not want to continue development on squid2x-icap
client but I want to keep icap patch synchronized with squid2x
developments .


Thomas-Martin Seck wrote:

> Yes, the FreeBSD port provides patches to enable ICAP client support,
> due to popular demand. ICAP support is not enabled by default, though.
> The ICAP client patch does or rather did remove that line. It's a bit
> difficult to tell because the ICAP code and the patch look like they are
> now developed against Squid-2-HEAD sources which seem to have diverged a
> bit from Squid-2.6, especially in client_side.c. The problem I am facing
> is that the patch used to touch clientReadRequest() but now touches
> clientTryParseRequest() instead (which is only present in Squid-2-HEAD
> it seems).
> I have updated the ICAP patchset I provide for FreeBSD to not remove the
> commSetTimeout() call in client_side.c:clientReadRequest(). The updated
> patch will be available in the FreeBSD ports collection alongside with
> Squid-2.6.STABLE11. I have just submitted the update request, so it
> should be available within the next few days.
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