I want Abort downloading

From: alex <alex@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 10:16:59 +0900


 My name is Alex.
 I study at the University and Squid-development it's my qualificational project.
 I want include MySQL support into Squid code.

 I included mysql.h into access_loc.c. And now I can use MySQL querys
 in this place.

 Also I patched Squid-2.6-STABLE4 by this patch (attached extacclog2.diff).
 And now, Squid write record-line into access.log small part of large
 file (every 10 Kb).

 After that, In function accessLogSquid I make MySQL query
 "UPDATE `users` SET BALANCE = BALANCE - BytesOfPartFile;"

 Then ...

 I get BALANCE value from MySQL query
 "SELECT `BALANCE` FROM 'users' WHERE 'user'=auth_squid_user;"

 My general problem is abort downloading file of evrybody user, if his BALANCE value is
 smaller then 0.

 if (BALANCE<0){
 else {
  "UPDATE `users` SET BALANCE = BALANCE - BytesOfPartFile;"

 But I don't known HOW I CAN DO IT?
 How I can abort user downloading and close all his connections with Squid?
 What Squid function I can (must) use for this action.

 Help me please!

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