A doubt about my ICAP server

From: Jeremy Lardon <jeremy.lardon@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 16 May 2007 12:54:00 +0200

Hey all,

This mail is the following of some mails of this list. I tried to be
clearer and add more attachments.
As adviced by Tsantilas Christos and confirmed by Alex Rousskov, I
installed the Squid-3 nightly snapshot on my squid box to test with my
ICAP server.
The fact is that I doubt the old ICAP server (last release: October 30,
2002) from http://icap-server.sourceforge.net/ that I chose for the
possibility it offers to custom modification.

The problem I'm facing is that, in respmod_precache (I haven't tried
other vectoring points), the browser didn't display anything.
So I turned on all debug for ICAP part (debug_options ALL,1 93,9) and
get the cache.log attached. As you can see, Squid receives the ICAP
response (lines 268-518) but stops the parsing and finally doesn't send
anything (lines 524/525). This few lines make me doubt the ICAP server.

My skill in C++ being limited, I can't understand this behavior. That's
why I seek help for this problem.
Does the problem come from the ICAP server as I guess ? Or is it
something wrong in squid ? In the first case, I will try to fix the
server, else I will gladly report the problem as a bug.

Feel free to ask for more precision if I am not clear.

Thanks in advance,

Jérémy Lardon
Laboratoire DIOM, équipe SATIn - Doctorant
04 77 48 50 34

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