Re: Squid 3.0.PRE6 - https connection breaking...

From: Emmanuel Eyer <>
Date: Thu, 24 May 2007 16:58:12 +0200

Dear Alex,

Alex Rousskov wrote:
> Sounds like bug #1633 to me, but I do not know much about SSL-related
> code. Anybody in-the-know care to comment?

Just notice that Squid is NOT built with SSL libraries. I never thought
it was necessary (and most HTTPS stuff works fine).

> Which version did you upgrade to PRE6 from? There were no 15-minute
> breakages with that version, right?

1st question: snapshot of the Squid-ICAP branch 03/08/07.
2nd question: not sure. The previous version (PRE5 + ICAP snapshot) was
pretty unstable and crashed a few dozens of times per day (on asserts).
It still crashes randomly, but at most once or twice a day. Thus now the
HTTPS issue became visible (or popped up).

> Were you able to reproduce this bug yourself?

Not yet. I'm leaving for a few days off tonight (in 5 minutes to be more
specific ;-). I'll be back 1st of June and will then be able to work on
this. A colleague of mine found an easy way of reproducing the bug.

> Thank you,
> Alex.

I'll send more info as soon as I'll be able to reproduce the bug.

Thanks for your assistance,

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