Re: Associating accesses with cache.log entries

From: Amos Jeffries <>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2008 10:23:19 +1300

Alex Rousskov wrote:
> On Thu, 2008-11-27 at 14:21 +1100, Mark Nottingham wrote:
>> I've been playing around with associating specific requests with the
>> debug output they generate
> <snip>
>> * How do people feel about putting this in cache.log all the time? I
>> don't think it'll break any scripts (there aren't many, and those that
>> are tend to grep for specific phrases, rather than do an actual parse,
>> AFAICT). Is the placement above appropriate?
> Identifying HTTP transactions is a very good thing, IMO. Squid3 uses a
> similar approach for async jobs and adaptation transactions. They all
> have unique IDs (within a single Squid execution).
> I have a script that can extract most messages related to a given job or
> transaction from a level-9 cache.log. The effect is similar to "follow
> this TCP stream" in Wireshark. Very handy for debugging!

OOoh.. can you dump that in the scripts directory for the rest of us?

> More work is needed though to give unique IDs to HTTP transactions, add
> them to headers, and to improve the script to detect relationships
> between identified transactions (e.g., "show me all jobs that touched
> xact149674").
>> * To make this really useful, it would be necessary to be able to
>> trigger debug_options (or just all debugging) based upon an ACL match.
>> However, this looks like it would require changing how debug is
>> #defined. Any comments on this?
> Yes, this would be useful when, for example, debugging a known URL on a
> busy cache where ALL,9 is not practical. I would try to do this by
> asking the current async job to check the debugging ACL when Squid
> enters the job. The debugging will stop when Squid leaves the job.
> Thank you,
> Alex.


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