Re: [RFC] obsoleting cache_effective_group from 3.2

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2009 00:48:19 +0100

tor 2009-02-12 klockan 12:30 +1300 skrev Amos Jeffries:

> Overriding the underlying OS, which admin may understand, with behavior
> they may not. Can cause them to enact less secure workarounds; I have
> seen squid effective-user'd to the root UID not long ago.

cache_effective_user root is not allowed by Squid unless the user
patches Squid to remove this restriction (save for bugs..). But we
normally keep uid 0 as a saved uid for -k reconfigure.

not sure about cache_effective_group root, but on most systems that's no
security problem even if used as the root group does not have any
special powers.

Still a +/- 0 from me.

Vendors wrongly patching better grow up.

Users using it for the wrong purpose just creates more work for
themselves, just as when other directives are used wrongly. The
documentation is pretty clear on this directive.

Users using it for the right purpose exists. One such kind of setup is
with Squid running on an user-account (started as non-root) but
restricted to only one gid of that user. But most can indeed do just
fine without the directive.

Also keep in mind that most setups start Squid as root without using the
chroot directive.. that's a bigger one which we should look into.

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