Feature: quota control

From: Pieter De Wit <pieter_at_insync.za.net>
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2009 22:01:10 +1300

Hi Guys,

I would like to offer my time in working on this feature - I have not
done any squid dev, but since I would like to see this feature in Squid,
I thought I would take it on.

I have briefly contacted Amos off list and we agreed that there is no
"set in stone" way of doing this. I would like to propose that we then
start throwing around some ideas and let's see if we can get this into
squid :)

Some ideas that Amos quickly said :

    - "Based" on delay pools
    - Use of external helpers to track traffic

The way I see this happening is that a Quota is like a pool that empties
based on 2 classes - bytes and requests. Requests will be for things
like the number of requests, i.e. a person is only allowed to download 5
exe's per day or 5 requests of >1meg or something like that (it just
popped into my head :) )

Bytes is a pretty straight forward one, the user is only allowed x
amount of bytes per y amount of time.

Anyways - let the ideas fly :)


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