Re: /bzr/squid3/trunk/ r9532: Regression Fix: Bug 2586: Memory leaks on reconfigure

From: Tsantilas Christos <>
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2009 23:17:04 +0200

Alex Rousskov wrote:
> On 02/23/2009 05:28 PM, Amos Jeffries wrote:
>> Sigh, another design flaw in the current config handling.
>> Exactly how are they in use, and which ones?
>> NP: reconfigure and shutdown both call the free-up after all client
>> connections are supposed to be dead. And all non-memory management
>> components are already shutdown.
>> 'reconfigure' global is available for selective preservation during
>> reconfigure.
> I do not know whether the objects in scope of the patch are incorrectly
> maintained during the reconfigure, but it is possible that the patch
> would be correct if object maintenance is fixed.
> However, the whole idea that you should shutdown everything, delete
> virtually everything, and then create and configure "from scratch" is
> obsolete, IMO. Making reconfigure nearly identical to restart is
> simpler, but it is just not good enough for busy proxies.

If the store can be used by more than one squid processes there is a
very simple solution: Shutdown the squid processes with old
configuration (waiting all old sessions ended) and start new squid
processes with the new configuration. I am wandering how difficult is to
implement shared stores in squid...
> At this point, I do not know whether we should invest cycles in fixing
> leaks under the "from scratch" model or focus on migrating to "live"
> reconfiguration. Perhaps the answer is the "reconfigure" global you
> mentioned. This is something that should be discussed.
> Thank you,
> Alex.
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