Re: Compiling squid 3.0 STABLE24 on AIX

From: Henrik Nordström <>
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2010 15:03:15 +0100

tis 2010-03-16 klockan 02:44 +1300 skrev Amos Jeffries:

> So just that one now?
> That particular symbol requires linking SquidTime.o. Safe enough for
> cf_gen, but is not used so should not be showing up undefined anyway.

Would guess it's the same C++ operator overloading linking issue I am
having with ufsdump. With G++ the operators overloaded in headers gets
compiled in almost every compile unit where the header is included and
gets compiled as weak symbols. The linker then "picks one at random" if
there is some compile unit missing the symbol which results in random
unexpected code being pulled in from the squid libraries.

in ufsdump this was observed with the "new" operator, which got pulled
in from some comm object which should not have been needed..

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