Re: odd build failures

From: Henrik Nordström <>
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2010 00:49:35 +0100

tis 2010-03-16 klockan 11:33 +1300 skrev Amos Jeffries:

> That patch is still waiting on you to commit. I've +1 FWIW.

Oh, right you did on IRC.


But while doing that I reopened a couple of files I stubled over when
investigating this.. our SquidNew stuff..

Most importantly this in src/

/* #define _SQUID_EXTERNNEW_ */ /* Why? kinkie */

That why is explained in include/SquidNew.h and the fact that this
define is now commented out may well explain thing a bit.. Plus the fact
that ufsdump do not use which further contributes to the

A more important why is why things are done so differently for the
SunPRO compiler? Kinkie?

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